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Journey with Nine Immortals

Name of the gameJourney with Nine Immortals

Game typeweb game

ame themefairy fantasy

Art StyleAncient Chinese style

Game Introduction

One day, Xuanyuan, who was meditating, learned that the eldest disciples, Changyan, who had traveled in the Imperial City suddenly returned to Penglai Palace and brought back a infant. Changyan, said that this is the son of Lu Yuan, a old friend of Xuanyuan. The Lu family was known for killing demons and the Lu family was insulted by the demons because of the prestige. The demons destroyed the whole Lu family except Lu’s youngest son. This son was stolen by the servant and brouh to Longyan. There is a handwritten letter from Lu Yuan: "Do Not Go to Revenge" and a jade. Xuanyuan's thoughts of the friendship with Lu, so accept this son as a disciple, hiding in Penglai Palace, ... A war between the immortals and demons began….

Game scene

Scene: Silent Snow Ridge
Ice and snow landscape, snow- covered mountains, monsters gathering in the mountains, dangerous and abnormal.

Scene: Penglai Island
The land of the emperor, where the palaces are made by gold and silver, the trees of the Jewelries are all clustered, and the fruits of the trees can make people live forever.

Scene: Imperial City
Magnificent ancient city built by the ancient God. It is suppressing the world's gas transport, known as the "first city of the ancient times".

Scene: Shangjing Xuanjing
Penglai disciples have always had two major factions, quiet an secluded , and the clouds are haunting.