Company Culture
Who are we?

We are a team with super technology, extraordinary imagination and advanced strategy.

We have advanced theories as guidance, a clear understanding of the future development of Internet game industry and technological evolution.

We will strive to improve the entertainment life of human beings and promote social progress by striving to provide the most playable games for game lovers.

The indispensable pillar of the team is to see and treat each employee as a valuable asset.

Sunshine Games is looking forward to the future and is open to the present. .

We love our work and we are committed to use our power to improve the lives of every loved one

A new opportunity has emerged. It is destined that only 20% of people seize the opportunity, then lead the remaining 80% of people.

20% of people master 80% of the wealth.

If you are brave enough to become a minority, then join Sunshine Games!