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Ever Night

Name of the gameEver Night

Game typeweb game

Game themeOriental fantasy

Art Styleaesthetic

Game Introduction

《Ever Night》is an ARPG web game based on a oriental fantasy theme, published exclusively by Sunshine Games. The game is adapted according to the IP authorization of "Ever Night", a masterpiece written by a well-known novelist on the internet. The research and development team concentrated on the original work to perfectly restore the grand tolerance of the Tang dynasty empire and reproduce the tragic war between the empire and the temple. The game style is fresh and beautiful and the plot is in accordance with the original novel, showing the hero journeys of Ningque, Sang sang, Mo shanhan, Ye hongyu and other youngster. The game, “Ever Night”, is going to be published in late 2018 at the same time with the TV show which was also created based on the novel. We are planning to make the IP as a model in Chinese entertainment industry and exported to the General China Culture Circle including: Japan, Korea and South East Asia.

Game scene