About Sunshine Games

Sunshine LLC, founded on June 18, 2010, with a registered capital of 31.7 million RMB, is the first professional online game research and development enterprise in central China. Its main business is research,development, promotion and operation of web games and mobile games, focusing on providing a one-stop digital game experience service. On December 7, 2015, Sunshine Games was officially listed on the new third board (stock abbreviation: Xihe Network, stock code: 834470), becoming the first and only listed game enterprise in Henan province, further consolidating the leading position of Sunshine Games in Henan game industry. The company also set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, added operation function. The subsidiaries improved the layout of the Sunshine Games industry chain, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development. The company has 69 Copyrights, 41 registered trademarks, many license certificates.

Sunshine Games has self-developed more than ten games and issued many as agents. The company has successfully launched the operation of the "Nine Days of God", "Peerless king", "Journey with Nine Immortals", and other popular games. In addition, the company's business has expanded to develop games that cooperate with film and television shows. In 2019, the company set product release plan contains the many well-known IPs such as "Ever Night" and "Dragon Power under Heaven".

The company's main customers are Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba, accounting for more than 60% of the company's total operating income. In 2019, the company will make powerful expansion in overseas market, relying on the existing mature operation team support and the stable channel resources. Sunshine Games plans to introduce foreign high-quality game products into domestic market, and exported excellent products to nations with well-developed market, such as Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa and more.

  • We trust and respect individuals;
    We pursue outstanding achievements and contributions;
    We focus on speed and flexibility;
    We focus on meaningful innovation;
    We rely on team spirit to achieve common goals;
    We adhere to honesty and integrity in business activities.

  • Establish firm beliefs, dare to innovate;
    Create a good atmosphere of mutual trust and close cooperation;
    Establish the "master" status of workers and workers, build a "big family" of enterprises;
    Open up channels, recruit talents, and accumulate the advantages of talents for enterprise development.

  • Innovation and teamwork are the team spirit that we pay attention to.
    We constantly strengthen the training of development team, take learning, consolidation, coordination and development as the staff concept, and always adhere to the good idea of developing better local online games.

Development History

JuneHenan Sunshine Games Technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established.
November Sunshine Games successfully applied for the "Network Culture Business License".
December"Ancient Legend" on-line trial operation.
MaySunshine Games was granted the Value-added Telecommunication Business License
JuneSunshine Games passed the "ISO 9001 Quality System Certification".
July"Xuanxian Legend" signed an operation contract with Guangzhou Wangyu, Chuangsi and other operators; the next month, it will be fully on-line operation.
DecemberXihe successfully applied for the Internet Publishing License, which is the only enterprise in Henan Province with the qualification of game publishing.
MarchThe Traditional Version of Ancient Legend signed an operation contract with Taiwanese operators .
November"Nine Days of Final War" won the Best Potential Web Game Award at the 2014 China Originality Game Summit.
JanuarySunshine Games Guangzhou Branch was established.
May"The Winner of Legend is the King" and "The Legend of the Seven Wars" went online.
JulyHenan Sunshine Games Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed Henan Sunshine Games Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the stock reform was successful.
September Shenzhen Fast Travel Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, was established. It is mainly responsible for the distribution of game products.
Decemberthe company was listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system, the stock abbreviated as Sunshine Games, the stock code: 834470, and has formally entered the capital market since then.
FebruaryXihe first raised funds after the completion of listing, issuing 1 million shares and raising 6 million yuan.
Aprilthe company set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Qinyu Network Technology Co., Ltd., engaged in game promotion business.
MaySunshine Games was awarded the title of "Advanced Unit of Public Welfare Activities in 2015"
AugustSunshine was awarded the title of "Science and Technology Eagle" by Zhengzhou Science and Technology Bureau.
DecemberSunshine passed the Intellectual Property Management System Certification
FebruaryHenan Qingguo Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established to build its own game operation platform.
MarchHenan Provincial Culture Department and Henan Internet Industry Association jointly established the Game Industry Association and served as the president unit.
MarchEstablishment of Subsidiary Companies by Foreign Investment
Henan Youxing Network Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Microgame Network Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Qianzhan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Wanyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Maythe company signed an operation contract with the 188 Game Operating Platform for its self-developed ARPG Game "Jiuxiantu"
Junethe company was named "the top 30 of the new third board in 2017 - Henan economic star"